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An Introduction to the Iain Wishart group

In this video we provide an introduction to the companies that make up the Iain Wishart group, as well as our people, our services and our worldwide experience. Read More →

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Face the Oncoming Tsunami

This follow-on article provides suggestions to all parties to work in the best interests of construction projects. This will undoubtedly cost Employers and contractors more money and effort, but given the international nature of the industries that supply raw materials and manufactured goods to the construction industry, we consider that all parties to a construction contract ought to cooperate to counteract or mitigate wherever possible the effects in terms of delays and extra costs. Shared and open information is essential. Read More →

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Disruption Claims – The Art of the Possible

The issue of disruption claims is in our collective experience widely misunderstood and often badly evaluated, prepared and presented.

Recently published in Construction Law Journal, this article provides advice on a way to establish quantum values for disruption claims or loss of productivity claims on construction projects.
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Drastic effects of the Covid 19 virus on our industry

For obvious reasons at this time, some of our Contractor clients and friends are experiencing severe problems on their contracts. We have provided to the industry a summary advisory leaflet that you may have read titled “The real and present Read More →

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Record, review, respond and react

Following our recent article on the Real and Present danger facing the Construction industry, Construction Law published a version under the title “Covid-19 advice: Record, review, respond and react” in their recent Covid-19 Newsletter. Read More →

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The Real and Present Danger Facing the Construction Industry

Our construction industry is facing unprecedented danger as the effect of the Covid 19 virus continues to affect labour, materials, finance and Employers abilities to meet obligations and payments. This paper provides advice to contractors on measures to take now to help protect their interests. Read More →

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