Drastic effects of the Covid 19 virus on our industry

For obvious reasons at this time, some of our Contractor clients and friends are experiencing severe problems on their contracts.

We have provided to the industry a summary advisory leaflet that you may have read titled “The real and present danger facing the construction industry”.

This advice provides some simple but necessary actions that in our experience are absolute musts to protect the rights of contractors and are also in the best interest of the Employers and their Consultants.

If followed the advice may also stimulate actions from Consultants and Employers to co-operate with the Contractors in the interests not just of themselves and their clients but also of the projects.

The objective was, and is, to try to keep projects running in a manner that is fair and sensible for all parties to the contracts.

We have been approached by some Contractors and Consultants asking some questions and looking for further explanations and advice.

If this service is of interest then please in the first instance send an email to info@iainwishart.com our initial overview of your query will be free of charge.

Our initial overview might include a very limited number of documents that you may need to send to us on a strictly confidential basis.

We will seek to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

We do not offer legal advice although we can pass your enquiry to a well respected law firm should you require us to do so.

For further information about the Iain Wishart Group, the team and the services we provide please browse this website or visit our LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/company/iain-wishart-llp.

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