Construction Dispute, Commercial and Project Management

Ultimately all construction disputes are about money.  One party wants or needs more, the other does not, cannot, or will not pay.  The rest is a variation on that single theme.

Construction is all too often a very high risk – low margin industry with an almost unique business model.  Most if not all businesses know what their costs are but have to forward estimate their income.  Contractors on the other hand (subject to actual events) know what their income will be but need to forward estimate their costs.

The Iain Wishart group provides independent, objective, professional advice in the areas of delay and quantum including arbitration and litigation, dispute management, commercial management and project management.  Our Delay Experts and Quantum Experts provide analyses, expert reports, advice, and testimony in arbitration, litigation and other formal and informal dispute proceedings.

Our professionals have extensive worldwide experience gained from working on the full spectrum of live construction projects and in dispute proceedings as experienced Delay Experts and Quantum Experts for both Employer and Contractor organisations.  That assists them in understanding how problems arise; what can be done to prevent or mitigate the effect of those difficulties; and how to address them if they do occur.

Our Experts use their knowledge, analytical skills, commercial acumen, experience of construction and the dispute processes to deliver objective advice and expert support to clients and their legal teams. 

Based on our collective experience of working on high risk-high value projects on six continents, our expertise in dispute management, arbitration and litigation, we assist Employers and Contractors in minimising risk, cost and ultimately maximising profit.

We understand what problems can arise; what needs to be done to prevent or minimise those problems; and what needs to be done if problems are foreseen or have actually occurred.

The Iain Wishart group comprises Iain Wishart LLP, registered in the United Kingdom; Iain Wishart Associates, registered in Dubai and Wishart Bradley LLP, registered in the United Kingdom.  All of whom operate internationally.