Iain Wishart | Dispute and Commercial Management
International construction professionals experienced in time and money disputes provide strategic expert advice, reports and testimony in arbitrations.

Iain Wishart LLP and its sister organisations Iain Wishart Associates (Dubai) and Wishart Bradley LLP provide to their owner and contractor clients advice from recognised experts with extensive contractor and consultant experience world-wide.

Our experts use their first-hand experience of the construction processes; their analytical skills, commercial acumen and experience of formal and informal disputes; to provide the necessary objective advice needed by clients and their legal teams. This service extends to the provision of advice relating to the avoidance of disputes and/or minimising the potential effect.

In formal disputes, because of their familiarity with construction projects and the types of documents generated, our experts and members of their support team working directly for them are fully aware of the types of records to request and interrogate using well tried and trusted techniques.

The experts’ ability to recognise and understand the significance of the various types of records, enables them to focus attention on the most salient and pertinent facts, and how to analyse and draw conclusions from them.

Expert reports are written as logically, clearly and as briefly as circumstances permit. Facts and opinion are separated. When providing testimony, experience of cross examination enables the expert to answer as clearly and fully as possible, drawing attention to any areas requiring clarification.

We also provide advice on the essential procedures to maximise the contract objectives and minimise the risks, including the training of the client’s project staff and/or providing experienced and trained contract administrators.

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