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The Real and Present Danger Facing the Construction Industry

Our construction industry is facing unprecedented danger as the effect of the Covid 19 virus continues to affect labour, materials, finance and Employers abilities to meet obligations and payments. This paper provides advice to contractors on measures to take now to help protect their interests. Read More →

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Follow the Money

Published in Construction Law Journal the title of Iain Wishart’s article was inspired by the advice given by Mark Felt Associate Director of the FBI to the Washington Post investigators Woodward and Bernstein during the Watergate scandal. That advice resulted in the resignation of the then US president Richard Nixon. Iain structured his advice to those involved in the construction industry based on his extensive experience working major international contractors. He identified common mistakes made during all stages of the construction process. He advised contractors to be vigilant at all times by “following the money” on the project and to be alert for errors that might result in disastrous losses. Read More →

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Delay and Disruption – a Separable Duo

This article published in Construction Law Journal identifies the differences between delay and disruption; provides advice and worked example as to how best to assess and support disruption costs; and provides an example as to what might happen if global claims are submitted. Read More →

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