Iain Wishart Associates decade in Dubai

Celebrating Iain Wishart Associates 10th Anniversary in Dubai

June 2023 marks the beginning of a special month for Iain Wishart Associates as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

I formed Iain Wishart Associates in Dubai some ten years ago to support our Middle Eastern, Asian and African Clients and since its inception, it has become an integral part of the Iain Wishart group and a part of the business that I am particularly proud of.

A brief history

The origins of Iain Wishart Associates can be traced back to a Colonel in the American Corps of Engineers!

Briefly, when I was working in Saudi Arabia for one of the largest international contractors in the world, I was the senior quantity surveyor and there was a substantial dispute on one of our projects with the Corps of Engineers that could not be resolved.

After travelling to Washington DC to interview a law firm with experience of the Corps of Engineers, I was introduced to a firm of American “schedulers” to assist with the dispute.  From this introduction, I became friends with the owners of the scheduling group and on my return to the United Kingdom, I formed and was part owner and Managing Director of the Fairway organisation with the American scheduling company and a firm of British quantity surveyors.

The Fairway organisation was a great success but ultimately, I sold my shares in Fairway whilst growing my own company which eventually became Iain Wishart LLP and is based in the United Kingdom.  With my international background and track record, it was not long before I formed Iain Wishart Associates in Dubai.

Since its inception, the Iain Wishart group which comprises Iain Wishart Associates, Iain Wishart LLP and Wishart Bradley LLP has been consistently appointed on some of the largest and most complex disputes in the world, with dispute values ranging up to USD 2.4 billion.

Through organic growth and acquisitions, we have strengthened our business and our geographical presence with firmly established regional offices in Europe and the Middle East.

Our people business

To our colleagues:  I speak on behalf of the Directors, who, like me, are grateful for the opportunity to work with our dedicated and passionate colleagues every day.  Your commitment to putting our Clients first and to promoting our corporate values has been integral to the continued growth of the business and our celebrated success, thank you.

To our friends and Clients:  Thank you for trusting us over the years and supporting our global growth.  We are particularly grateful to have earned your trust and with the help of our colleagues, will continue to work vigorously to deserve it.

Shaping our future

This year, we are entering a new phase as we continue to explore growth opportunities across Asia, Europe, and the MENA regions.  We are developing new service lines, investing in our colleagues, and improving our operations as we continue to deliver cost-effective solutions to our friends and Clients.

As Iain Wishart Associates celebrates its 10th anniversary, I would like to again thank our colleagues, friends and Clients, who have helped establish our ever-growing business.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Iain Wishart

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