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Keep it simple – Delay Analysis Matrix

We have detailed some possible considerations when selecting the most appropriate method of delay analysis. Read More →

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Keep it simple – An introduction to delay analysis

As planning and delay professionals, we are often asked if we believe that delay analysis is as complicated as what other professionals say and some, even sarcastically, ask if delay analysts have a magic box to keep the black art of delay analysis in… the simple answer is NO to both questions! Read More →

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Do We Have All the Time in the World?

A plan, programme, or schedule, call it what you may, but what is it, and why do we need one?

All construction projects invariably face challenges, one of those being time. Contractors do not Have All the Time in the World. Their time to complete a project is defined by their Contract and the commercial reality that they need to make a profit.

In this short article, we examine the benefits of preparing a detailed construction programme using the Critical Path Method.
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